Greetings - Please share this link to anyone who needs emergency funds for their business. The attached spreadsheet is a list of all the Community Development Financial Institution funds focused on helping distribute SBA loans and PPP funds for women-led small businesses. We just got approved from the underwriter and in process with the SBA and it has been less than a week. We are working with First Bank of the Lake and they have been incredible to work with. They invested in great tech that was a seamless experience and very responsive. We left our "too big to fail" bank after they failed to help us and so many other small businesses last March. We also moved to a new business bank called NorthOne. The CEO deeply believes that the success of the small business sector is one of the most important causes of our time. It has the potential to reduce income inequality, empower immigrants, and provide disproportionate leadership opportunities for female and minority businesspeople. Check them out ..awesome tech and a bank with purpose and likeminded values. NorthOne
Wow Pamela! Really appreciate you sharing this resource with us! I've also tagged this under "Resources".