How to charge for part-time employment

Hello! I am curious about how to charge when offered a part-time role. I received comms about being the #1 choice for a remote Project Manager role. Everything on the offer is okay by me except for the hourly rate. I am based here in the Philippines and the company is in Texas. The hourly rate on offer is only half of my current rate. I have never worked part-time hence I am not sure how to approach the salary negotiation.

Is it okay to negotiate for my actual rate given that I still bring the same expertise and skill sets albeit the engagement is only for 20 hours weekly? How do I phrase the negotiation? Or is it standard to be charged less than usual for part-time jobs?

I am fine with accepting a rate a few dollars less than my current one as I have a full-time job. However, accepting half of my rate feels like lowballing my marketability. 🤔

Thanks in advance to whoever will shed light on this. Cheers! ✨

I think you should definitely charge your regular rate irrespective of:- number of hours (even if you're working 1 hour/week, your time is your time and undercharging could further disadvantage you if they ever increase the hours)- the fact that you have a full-time job. That doesn't mean they get to pay you less! :)My advice would be to definitely negotiate, perhaps to give some market data to bolster your points. And should you feel that you're willing to accept a slightly reduced rate, make that known in the contract and be clear that the lowered rate is NOT your actual rate, you're doing them a favour because of reasons XYZ (eg. you're so excited about working with them and their project!)Hope this helps :)
Wanted to echo @teresaman. Totally negotiate! When you charge less than your going rate, you're paying to company to work for them and that will have a negative impact on your bottom line.
Appreciate your insights @teresaman @fayehayes! Those are very helpful. I will be keeping those in mind during the negotiation.