Beta testers needed for midlife planning site

I'm looking for feedback on my midlife planning site Future Proof My Life, which is dedicated to helping people craft their best possible future.

Future Proof My Life currently offers:

🛡️ A free midlife assessment to evaluate how prepared you are for later life across multiple dimensions like health, finances, relationships, and purpose.

🧭 Tailored guides with downloadable templates and resources to help you map out an action plan, ensuring you navigate midlife transitions with confidence and intention.

👥 1-on-1 sessions with mentors to provide guidance, wisdom, and to point you in the right direction.

I have ambitions to take it much further, but this is the first step to understand whether:

1) There is an appetite for this information.

2) How to influence people to take action.

Unfortunately, preparing for our future does involve some unsexy topics like death, pensions, and inheritance tax, and my research shows people are inclined to ignore them. If I can solve the above two things, I can start to build a more comprehensive midlife planning platform, which would remove some of the manual pain out of this process.

Great to have any feedback to keep building this out.