Looking for people to Beta test my new product

In the last few months, with product consultancy work paying my way, I have been researching, testing my proposition and building out the content and resources people will need.  I have now got to the stage where I am on the cusp of launching elements of my new mid-life planning site. 

What are the problems I'm addressing?

We are living longer than ever before, which is a wonderful thing, but it has consequences:

  • We need to maintain our physical and mental health for longer
  • We will need to save or earn enough money to sustain our lifestyle
  • Many will not have enough savings and need to work longer, which means we want meaningful, enjoyable and suitable work for later life.
  • Our happiness is closely linked to our social connections, sense of purpose, interests and hobbies that can fill those extra years

However, for every rule there are exceptions and if we don’t live longer we also need to plan for our, and our loved ones death and illness:

  • Make sure our loved ones are financially looked after
  • Make life easier for them by getting legal documents in place
  • Understand how we want to be remembered – unlike ever before our digital footprint lives longer than we do. 

If you would like to find out more or are happy to give feedback then please join the mailing list, by commenting below or by signing up on the site.

What do you consider "mid-life"? Happy to help if 33 is in there. :)
Usually around 35 plus, but there are no hard and fast rules. It is more relevant your mindset about thinking of later life. This appears to be mid-life in the research I have done, but can start as early as twenties especially if you already have assets or a family.
Cool! I'm in! :)
Happy to stay in the loop please Alice!
Thanks @saractall @alessandracanella thanks both, if you can DM me your emails or sign up on the site I'll add to your the Beta group comms