Question for (professional) speakers our there: what are your best tips on finding new gigs?

I would love to hear your tips on finding new gigs and conferences?

A bit of background to this question:

I work primarily as a trainer, but also as a speaker on topics of wellbeing, resilience, flow, skills for educators. In the last year and a half I was focusing much more on training-related engagements and projects than on speaking ones, and now would like to revive the speaking side as well. Training will remain my main thing but would like to balance it out a bit again with speaking.

I've been speaking on quite big conferences before, including many tech ones as that is part of my background (TEDx, World Global Health Day Festival, Women in Data Science, Cisco Connect, Hive Global Leaders Summit, Global Women IBM panel, Cisco Women of Impact Croatia, ENTEG (ENgineering and TEchnology institute Groningen) Day at University of Groningen, Elle Fashion Dinner etc etc).

Most of my engagements (both for training and speaking) currently comes through recommendations of previous clients.

However, with Covid period, the momentum with speaking got bit lower as before that usually one conference would often lead to be invited to another one.

And now I am thinking how to revive that momentum a bit? :)

This is more of a long term plan, as for this spring my hands are quite full with training projects - so I am not thinking so much about "quick gig chase", but more about building up my strategy for getting speaking engagement invitations more often.

I would be super open both to practical tips from your experience - but also to creative brainstorm of ideas :)))