Finding your 'niche' / personal brand

Hi everyone,Something I've been contemplating a lot lately is how I can find my 'niche' / personal brand. I've found that I'm great at helping people 1 on 1, and love supporting people in their growth but often find it difficult to focus on my own personal brand.I'm a multipotentialite by nature so have a lot of interests and probably lots of random insights into different areas, but I'm finding it difficult to put pen to paper / fingers to keyboard to write interesting content to share on my social platforms that helps build my own personal brand.Does anyone having any getting started tips or books/blogs they've found useful in this area? 🤔
I actually think applying to business school really helped me, specifically writing one of the essays. The prompt was "What matters to you most and why?" I have since then encouraged everyone I know to try and answer it too. It forces you to be very very introspective!
I will definitely be trying this out! A bit of structured thinking definitely helps 😊
Hi Iynna, I love this suggestion. Going to work on that this week!
You should! Remember no right or wrong answer - the most important thing you should focus on is the WHY! :-) Start at top and then drill down, I promise you you will uncover a lot of things on your own:)