Am I overthinking this

I've recently been job hunting and I applied for a position at a start up accounting software company. It's been 3 weeks since I've applied and throughout this time the recruiter for the company has been very hard to work with. The day of my initial interview, she was out of office and I tried emailing and received no response. She added me on linked in randomly so I messaged her there as well. I received no response and the week after I finally received a response and we set up a time to meet. The time we scheduled for I received no call so I tried sending another email and no response and sent a linked in message and she responded she tried calling me and sent me an email. I did not receive an email or a call and asked her to try another number just in case my phone was working. She proceeds to call me 20 minutes later and rushes through the initial interview and says they are looking to go through the interview process rather quickly.

I receive an email a week later asking for times to meet and I respond rather quickly and receive no response. The next day, she sends me other times to meet and I respond and again receive no response. The interview time that I gave was supposed to be this past Monday and I email the morning asking if logistics were going to be sent for the interview because again I had received no information or confirmation. She emails me back immediately and says that she sent me additional times (which I responded to) and so I responded by asking if my email requesting a certain time was received?

Long story short, I've never worked with an in house company recruiter who is so hard to work with. I'm trying to be reasonable and think she has a lot going on but when she tells me she's emailed and I've responded and I receive no communication back it's frustrating. The company seems really interesting and I would like the opportunity to interview but the recruiter has made it so difficult to schedule/work with. I really don't know how to proceed with this, I don't know if I'm a viable candidate or not and don't know if I should just let this go and look elsewhere? I wish I could work with someone else at the company but I don't know how that would work. Any advice would be appreciated.

This recruiter sounds very disorganized. Even if you are the perfect candidate for this position, it seems unlikely the recruiter would be able to successfully bring you along the interview process. I suppose if you have a connection via LI, you could find out more information. I would focus on other opportunities though.
I would give it a rest and keep applying for other jobs. Intentional or not, they don’t seem to be demonstrating interest … also potential jobs mean nothing unless you have a job offer, even when companies say they will hire you, you can only count on a written offer. Your time is better spent applying for other jobs. Right now you can’t keep all your eggs on this one flimsy basket.
I recently had a similar situation with an in-house recruiter. I was so flustered with the disorganization and complete lack of respect for my time (left me hanging for a whole week then scheduled a time last minute when I had another interview booked). In the end, I wrote her back to withdraw my candidacy.