Looking for a driven and experienced CTO or technical co-founder for cannabis + wellness company

Hello community! I am a WOC founder of a mission-led company that bridges the gap between the conscious cannabis and CBD consumer and the industry by providing credible, Medical Advisor-backed education, a stigma-free community, and data-backed product recommendations. Over the past 10 months, we have been building a very inclusive network of over 180 top-quality businesses and a full network of cannabis advocates who champion our value in this space as a catalyst for change and a more equitable future in plant-based wellness and self-care. Now that the community is in motion, I am looking for an experienced data engineer and/or scientist interested in a CTO or even technical co-founder position to help build the tech vision with me.The website, is gaining steady traction after 3 weeks and we have already received an article in Forbes: love to discuss this opportunity further with someone who loves a challenge and is solution-oriented. Thank you!