Seedstar program: Stage 1

Dear Elpha Community,

I never thought I was going to be writing this today, because I am the girl with millions of days that never takes action.

I submitted my start-up idea around health and wellness to seedstar program and made it the first stage. I have no idea how it got accepted but it did, no I have to work hard so that I can make it to the second and third stage.

I know a lot of your are powerful founders and that maybe I can pick on your brain a bit about this process. I will love to chat for 15 min of your time about your process pitching ideas, how to create a pitch deck,etc.

Thank you

Please feel free to connect with me on linkedin:

Any guidance, comment, thought is much appreciate.

The deadline for the second stage is December 1st,2021

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@marialopezmph Hi! I'm not a founder by any means so I can't help in that regard but really just wanted to say congratulations and you should be super proud!! Best of luck!
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Thank you so much @MelodyYeong, I am always afraid of doing stuff and I finally made it
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Congrats, Maria! I coach founders on pitching and would be happy to have a quit chat. Feel free to book a time here:
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@marialopezmph - If you need any legal assistance (business formation, contracts, equity agreements, trademarks, etc.) - reach out to LVLUP Legal ( at [email protected]