8 Steps To Build Your Brand

🌸 There are 2 kinds of founders:

1. One thinks building a brand is hard and expensive

2. The other thinks it’s a luxury — product & traction should come first

I think both are wrong!

Build your brand from day 1, and make it easy, by doing one thing at a time:

1. Have a purpose

Establish a point of view

2. Discover your brand personality

3. Find your brand story

Origin story, customer story, business story, etc.

4. Know your value proposition

Why do customers buy from you?

5. Position yourself against your competitors

6. Build trust

E.g. speaking, writing, advising, testimonials & case studies, etc.

7. Speak the truth

Be authentic and consistent with your purpose

8. Build partnerships


Follow the same steps to build a personal brand

Successful branding and design aren’t just for “big players.”

They can help you get the right visibility to gain traction, investment and

reach your full potential.

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