Get hired into better tech roles by following roadmap's proven path. Here's how:

You can break into tech. Tech companies want your unique blend of outside industry transferable skills and technical abilities. Roadmap is a new platform that shows you how to use your transferable skills to break into tech and land a better-paying job. Join for free to access their resources, toolkits, workshops, and more.

Also, in a nutshell, here's how to break into tech:

  1. Identify your Key Results (quantifiable wins, increases/decreases, brand names) from previous roles
  2. Identify transferable skills from previous roles that are valuable for the industry/role you want to pivot into
  3. Combine them to form your elevator pitch & networking blurb, craft your resume, and frame your interview responses.
  4. Grow your network by sharing your networking blurb to set up phone chats that lead to referrals.
  5. Kiss some frogs before you accept a job from a company that loves your exact background, perspective, transferable skills, and technical abilities.
  6. Enjoy being appreciated and well-paid at your new job.
  7. Enjoy your bigger professional network that will have your back for future opportunities.

Definitely check out Roadmap for job search guidance, resources, salary negotiation guides, toolkits, and supportive community. Signing up on their TalentList even connects you to open jobs that want your transferable skills and unique industry background. It's free!