What would you do in my position?

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Are you expected to work 40 hours for these other roles? And when you say you want to move into sales engineering or management, what type of management do you mean? Does this BD manager role fit the bill?Your post focuses a lot on the pay and title and how you could use these roles as a stepping stone—which seems valid.But how else will your quality of life be impacted if you change roles? How are the people, the culture, the expectations? Do you feel you'll be learning there? It sounds as if pay and title are your current motivators, but at the same time, the pay for these positions is not very exciting to you and you'll be job hopping to do it. (Not that there's anything wrong with that—but two 3-month stints in a row can be a ding for some roles when you go to apply again.)Direct experience trumps certifications any day, that's for sure. I'd invite you to consider what happens if you end up in one of these roles for longer than you initially planned.Congrats on being in the running through inbound contact, by the way! That's a great signal that this won't be your only chance to transition.