Free Workshop On Dealing With Negative Emotions

Dear Elphas!

Have you ever been stuck in a negative emotion?

This inexplicable shame, guilt, apathy, fear, anger, pridefulness.

This anxiety about that new task, job interview.

This fear about what you said to your boss/colleague (or want to say but just cannot bring yourself).

This guilt about a minor (or major) "mistake" you've made.

These thoughts about work keep coming back when working hours are long over.

You realize the emotion or thinking doesn't serve you anymore, but somehow, it just persists.

It doesn't make any sense. It's like an annoying bug in your code you just cannot get rid of.

Would you like to learn how to let go of it?

Then join this FREE workshop will help to learn and practice:

  • The reasons we keep negative emotions in place
  • Avoid typical mistakes made while dealing with emotions
  • Learn a counterintuitive and practical way to let go of negative emotions

Bring your questions, your pen and paper (and a friend :D), and be ready to discuss and practice.

I will share best practices as a mindset, success and career coach, specializing in women in tech to build unshakeable self-trust and turn dreams into decisions.

More importantly, I believe in the wisdom of the community, so you have a chance to share and to get inspiration from the group itself too.

Looking forward to seeing you there!