Hello Everyone, I am Judy!

How is everyone? Hope you are energized and appreciate all that you have.

I am in the process of coping and adapting to the recent change in my life.

I am a graphic designer. I love pilates exercise and hiking.

I hope everyone has a very good day today.

Thank you for being here!

Welcome Judy! It's so nice to meet you :)I too love Pilates and hiking. What was your favourite hike in the last year? And transition/change can be hard but you got this, we would love to support you so let us know what we can do!
So nice to meet you iynna and thank you for your warm greeting. I always enjoy Cold Spring hikes in NY along the Hudson. I appreciate the support. Thank you!
Of course! :)
Great to meet you, Judy! Welcome to elpha :)
Thank you for your greeting Michelle. Best wishes.