Code First Girls

Hi, I've been learning python on Udemy, but find that I lack motivation to learn something new online as its quite intense. I'm thinking of signing up for code first girls, has anyone tied the scheme/able to recommend in-person coding courses in London?Best,Sadaf
Hey Sadaf, I haven't done Code First Girls personally, but it has Alice Bentinck on the board, who is also the co-founder of Entrepreneur First (EF), I started my company through EF, so I can recommend it as a legit resource! I think there may be other EF staff in this group who can help provide more info :D
Thank you!
Hey there - I took both CFG courses (front end + back end) 2 years ago and it's the reason I moved into tech. I would highly recommend the course, as it's a good way of learning new technical skills, in a fun atmosphere, and of getting a sense of whether coding is something you might want to pursue further. It's also a great way of meeting other people like you and building up your personal and professional networks. I got my current job through meeting engineers who were teaching the course and I made some great friends along the way too!