Question Regarding Advisor Through Work

Hello, my company provides stock options to advisors, and I am supposed to work with an advisor, who is also a friend of the CEO. However, this has made my relationship with the advisor a bit difficult because the CEO is also my manager. Recently, I was asked if I would like to find my own advisor since the current one has not been able to put in the required time. Unfortunately, I do not have anyone in my network who would be suitable for this role. Do you have any advice on how I can go about finding an advisor?

Depending on your needs, I find it helpful to think of it in two ways: an advisor for general leadership / business skills [like a leadership or exec coach], and an advisor for your vertical [a thought partner in your space]. For the latter, if you are part of networks / slack channels / community groups with others in your role, that could be a good place to start! Otherwise, I would also 100% lean on your CEO to ask them and the investors to see if they have any recommendations.
I completely agree with Teresa's framework! And on top of that if you want actual places to find advisors, I'd recommend Bolster (
Hey there! There are some sites where you can book calls with mentors for free and I think a lot of them also take on advisor roles. I spoke to 3 mentors this way and got really helpful feedback from one of them, we are still in touch after 2 years and I can strongly recommend trying these sites!The Mentoring Club: List: