Exhausted by instability and job cuts?

Considering a departure from the corporate world?

You're aware that life holds more meaning than merely supporting yourself by selling your sole.

Seeking greater control over your income without relying on a corporation or someone else's startup for financial stability?

Maybe you want to keep your job but you're thinking about starting something on the side so that you've got a fallback plan if things go south.

Or maybe your goal is to eventually make REAL money so that you can actually get the things you want other than merely subsisting.

Does the idea of enduring another day of gendered feedback make you want to puke?

So you're contemplating starting a business.

Is this you?

You excel in your work, recognize that your worth exceeds your current rewards, and you've grown weary of spinning your wheels.

You have a great startup idea, but you're unsure about how to successfully launch a business.

You freeze because you don't know what to do first,

Or how to acquire clients,

The idea of venturing out on your own simultaneously elicits excitement and trepidation.

Well, don't worry because I've got you!

I've been building businesses from the ground up for 25 years and I've been helping other founders get their businesses off the ground for 8 years.

I've been helping Elpha entrepreneurs since 2020.

🤫 Elphas are my favorite founders to work with but don't tell the others in my founders' group! 🤭

What are you waiting for? There’s no perfect time to get started. You’re probably already regretting that you didn’t do this 5 years ago, so let’s get to work.

My team and I are here to give you the guidance and support you need every step of the way, from helping you create a simple business plan to launching your product or service, getting your first customers, and more.

You don't have to go it alone - I'm here for you! Let's get your business up and running today so you can make 2023 the year that forever changed your life! 🚀

👉DM me to learn more!