Advice for pivoting into health tech

Hi! I have five years of experience in B2B software across different verticals (supply chain, then real estate, and now restaurant) and I am interested in pivoting into health tech, perhaps women's health or mental health tech, but I am looking at all sorts of companies. I have found that my lack of experience working in healthcare or health tech is a blocker to getting an offer. Does anyone have advice on how to get around this, e.g. gather the experience and knowledge that these companies are looking for? Thank you!

Hi Anna!Super cool you're considering a pivot. I think you should not think of the industry change as such a blocker (like you said you've had all kinds of experience in RE, hospitality) but instead focus on your skills and your job function e.f if you are a marketer, you need these skills at a health tech company too! I'd probably target the search on size of companies and their needs eg if you pick a smaller structure/small team they may want someone who has a hyper focus on the job function they want to fill combined with healthcare expertise, however if you go for a place that's a bit bigger, where there are more levels of leadership, your lack of experience in HC might not be such an issue.
Hi Iynna! Thank you for the fast and thoughtful reply. Unfortunately, the lack of healthcare experience is a dealbreaker for some companies - I got that feedback from another hiring manager today (e.g. “we think you’re very smart and capable but want someone with healthcare background”). However, I do think you make a good point that company size is another variable worth considering here! 🙏
Don’t go after those, as in when you do your research try to qualify and prioritise the firms that seem open to diff backgrounds. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shoot your shot but it will help you know where to focus your energy 😊
Hi Anna! That feedback sounds very role or company specific and shouldn't discourage you from pursuing the domain you're interested in. There are many companies who work "healthcare adjacent" like food, financial services or ed tech so "health tech expertise" can vary. What type of roles are you looking into?
Hey, not sure what your skillset is but we're looking for a Senior Full Stack Developer at Semble and are happy to consider people with experience in other industries :)
Perhaps it might help to understand also that you may be getting this pushback since the implementation of basically everything in healthcare is oriented toward regulatory compliance and compatibility with the labyrinthian systems of reimbursement and records-keeping. There are some great suggestions already here but even would help to learn the pattern of which companies are doing a regulatory play that will have a need for domain-specific background (reimbursement systems, prescription services, medical records) vs. those working in less regulated spaces that still have a health impact (mood tracking, wearables, medication compliance). If you gravitate toward the core healthcare concepts, then get familiar with some of the domain-specific systems. I highly recommend the book American Sickness by Elizabeth Rosenthal as a way of understanding how these complex systems interact and where there is need for improvement and domain expertise in regulation and reimbursement.
What role are you looking specifically into doing?
Hi (@ALS719), I think the key to pivoting is a) updating all your personal branding materials to be in line with keywords for your new direction (resume, professional summary, linkedin profile, cover letter, video pitch, website/portfolio) b) pursuing reputable upskilling opportunities (use networking to understand which ones are worthwhile) and highlight these on your branding materials c) having a clear understanding of your target role/path so you understand the nuances of how people actually break in, in reality d) having a deep understanding of your target roles so you can easily speak to your fit during interviews e) working with a coach, mentor, or peer to see any gaps and areas for opportunity.BTW, I’m Rachel, a Career Coach - My profile has a lot of info about me where you can get in touch and also book a free initial call with me if you’d like more support. On my profile you can find a website link which includes a 7-step guide to making a career pivot which will have some helpful tips for you!