Can't afford your COBRA? Still searching for a health plan not dictated by insurance?

Hello Elpha community!

If you're a self-employed professional or you recently lost your healthcare and now find yourself on your own trying to find a solution, you probably feel your healthcare needs are falling through the cracks of a system that's simply failed to provide quality, affordable healthcare.

Having 1099/contractor or freelance status means you'll spend triple the rates compared to a traditional employee. The plans that are offered to freelancers and contractors have minuscule networks, extremely limited coverage and sky high deductibles.

What if you could have a healthcare plan that put YOU first? That includes all-year-long enrollment, and an open provider and hospital network, giving you the freedom to get the best care possible even if your employment situation changes? A plan that addresses your everyday healthcare needs, like the occasional bout of pink eye, but also provides transparent, set prices when an emergency occurs or you require surgery. No surprise, edge-of-bankrupcy bills!

Join me next week for a live Q+A to get your actual questions answered, I've helped a population of self-employed professionals just like you!