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Let’s face it, most resumes are impersonal and boring to look at and read. Although you can have the best, most relevant experiences, they can get lost in the statements and bullet points. Some people also try to cram a lot into one single piece of paper, which again, makes it hard to read.

It’s best to treat your resume as a handshake, a first contact with someone with enough information communicated to make you decide you want to speak to them further.

When creating your resume, infusing some of your personality can help break up the monotony of resumes recruiters have to stare at everyday.

Add Personality 🌟 😄

What that looks like is adding a bit of personal and professional history in the header, maybe even talking about your most recent project you’re proud of and linking to it. How do you relate with others from afar, using a static PDF?

Adding some elements like an emoji or language that is casual or conversational. I start my resume with: Hey there, I’m Anna.

Remember…there is a human being on the receiving end of the Send form. They are tired and are looking for real people for real business challenges. Show them you are real.

You resume is an introduction to who you are as professional and what you care about. Combine a bit of your personality with showcasing relevant experiences. You don’t even have to list all your job history, if it’s not relevant. Focus on the materials that matter, like your journey into the career, your projects, your values, your professional interests.

Linkedin is always available for someone to read your 10+ years of jobs if someone really wants to know what you did in 2011.

Your resume is your place to shine and connect with humans that work at companies you are excited to work at.

How do you feel about your resume?