Exploring an executive coach

Hi Elpha Community! I'm currently working as the Head of Product at a two-person civic tech company (, and we're at a bit of a crossroads. My coworker--the CEO and Founder--is looking to step back for a few months to take care of his newborn and would like to leave me in charge. I've been working with him and the company for a year and a half now and am excited about taking the reins, but I am also feeling a fair amount of trepidation about stepping into this role without adequate support. We've discussed the possibility of working with an executive coach to provide some guidance, particularly around the development of our business model, but neither of us have any experience with this sort of relationship.Have any of you worked with an executive coach (or similar mentor) and, if so, how did you go about finding the right person? I'd love to work with another female entrepreneur, ideally with experience in the government/civic tech space.
Hi @noragrossman I have both worked with an executive coach and am a fully credentialed working executive coach. I was inspired by my original coach! I work extensively with entrepreneurs and have a particular passion for women leaders. Having said that the majority of my current clients are male but I work with colleagues on a number of women in leadership focused programmes of which coaching is an integral and essential part. I believe having a coach is both supportive and stretching. It allows you to work through challenges with someone who is specifically in that 'room' to work with you. I have seen many ah ha moments in my coachees where real learning has occured through looking at things in different ways elicited by the coaching process. I personally dont do this for monetary gain the value for me is watching growth in my clients. Elpha we would happily support a coaching/development coaching tab if you felt this was useful.