UX Bootcamp - seeking insights and recommendations

A friend of mine is currently doing a UX/UI internship at a startup. There aren’t too many UX related tasks at the moment since we are very early stage. Her job consists mainly of tweaking our current UI, and finishing graphic design assignments. However, we are growing at an incredible pace, and there will be more UX related work. Her UX knowledge is still somewhat limited, so she is thinking of starting a UX Bootcamp. She was wondering if anyone has had any experience with an online bootcamp?

Her Google research has pointed me to some examples like:General Assemblylink ->  https://generalassemb.ly/education/user-experience-design-immersive-remoteInteraction Design Foundationlink -> https://www.interaction-design.org/bootcamps?ep=ux-planetCareerFoundrylink -> https://careerfoundry.com/en/courses/become-a-ux-designer/Has anyone enrolled in any of these bootcamps? There are other options, but they were a bit too pricey for her.

Any insights, recommendations and advice are welcomed!

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I did a bunch of research. For me, I wanted to find a program that would really train me well and look good on my resume, more importantly. Money was a concern, but was my third concern. I am currently doing the UX Design certificate program at UCLA Extension online. I'm enjoying it, but I wish it was more of a virtual classroom. They use Canva, release all of the class materials up front, and require assignments to be submitted by Sunday nights. There are office hours available, and Slack is used for communication between students. I didn't sign up for the ones you listed because I was concerned that the cost wasn't worth the price. One good tip I got from another UX Designer was to look at the teachers. Do you trust them? Can you look up to them for UX information? It all comes down to what does the course look like, and is it what you need.
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Those are really great points that you made. I like the factors you chose to consider before you proceeded with buying a course. I think my friend has a similar concern as you. So this has been informative. Thank you!