Group-based career coaching startup running free pilot groups

Hello!We are launching a "career design" program called Crew which helps people find more fulfillment in their work. We match our members into curated groups of eight professional contemporaries plus an executive coach, and these groups meet every few weeks to go through our career design curriculum.We are running free pilots to test different parts of the program, so if you or someone you know could benefit from some coaching, please do send them our way. We welcome all genders and are currently keen to recruit more men to keep us balanced (but everyone is welcome to signup!). Please also feel free to post us to channels at your work, the more people on our list the quicker we can match groups, so everyone benefits. Thank you so much for helping us spread the word!A bit more info here here:Who is Crew for?Crew is an impactful experience for anyone no matter where you are in your career. Most of our customers are in their twenties and thirties, and we think it's most applicable for people who...-Are searching for more meaning in their work-Feel stuck in their current job/career-Are considering a major career transition, or looking to improve their current job-Are interested in building a long term career plan-Would benefit from a tightly knit group of professionals in similar career stagesAbout our pilot groupsWe are just getting started and are running a few pilot groups to test our programing. The pilots are free and will go for about six months, meeting every few weeks for about two hours via zoom (you'll get the dates in advance). If interested, you can signup by filling in the form below, or email me with any questions: [email protected].
@RisaC, @CassieEverly, @VickyVigon @susanfung and @TriciaK have all expressed a desire in finding a new role so maybe there is value in this for you all :)
I filled out the form! This looks like a great opportunity!
Thanks!! I will definitely sign up.
I used the link to sign up!
@GinaVriens - could be fun!
I filled out the form. Thank you!