Careers are not straightforward.

Careers are not straightforward.There is no steady path that leads directly "up". Instead, we wind and wiggle our way through different roles, companies, and opportunities. Sometimes we decide when it's time to change, sometimes that decision is made for us.Either way, we can be assured that there will be change, which is why now, more than ever, it's up to us as individuals to take ownership over our careers.And yet there aren’t solutions to help people intentionally navigate the “modern career game.”Until now.At Crew, we help people get clear about who they are and what they want from work so that they can design meaningful careers and fulfilling lives.Sign up for the waitlist below to snag your spot.

Thank you for sharing this! Are there particular qualities you are looking for in the women who apply? OR do you prefer a region - like I am from Asia.
Hello! Thanks for the question.The tools are free for anyone to use--we're operating a waitlist at the moment to manage capacity. The programs each have specific timings. When you sign up, you'll see the timing for upcoming programs and can determine if they fit your time zone in Asia. If we don't have one that currently suits, you can send us a note with times you'd prefer for future programs. Hope this helps!
What a great company value/compass! If you are ever looking for someone to talk about community for Crew, please feel free to reach out!
Thank you Talia! Appreciate this. Will let you know if/when.