Share a recent win!

Hello Elphas,

For our US-based Elphas, I hope you had a wonderful MDW and for all our non-US-based Elphas I hope you are having a terrific start to your week!

Things have been tough for so many of us in recent months (our recent community check-in is evidence of it).

We thought it would be nice for each of us to share something positive or a win that happened recently!

As a refresher, you can read here how I have previously defined a win, it can be anything you want.

Let us celebrate one another!

iynna's profile thumbnail
Iโ€™ll kick us off: I decided to take a solo trip and I went to Hawaii where I am writing this from. I wanted my own version of Eat, Pray and Love :) and itโ€™s been so resourceful and very active! I did a really hard hike (at least it was challenging for me, 2 miles of straight up stairs going up at the top of a volcano) but the view was so worthy!
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I spent most of Memorial Day working on art, in the sunshine, with a friend :)