[LIMITED SPACE] Career clarity and leadership story group coaching call

Hi Elphas!

I’ve struggled with a lack of confidence & clarity in my career path - keeping it real, as recently as this winter, doubt and fear that I wasn’t living my potential had set in.

After 4 years of coaching 500+ women to articulate their value and expertise, I wondered if this business was still the right vehicle for my mission to equip mi-career women with the necessary vision setting, storytelling, and influencing skills they need to transition to leadership.

Thanks in part to experiences & conversations I’ve had with members of this group, I regrouped, re-evaluated and recommitted to my fundamental brand promise:

**clarity and confidence in your long term career path - getting the next level roles & comp that sets you up for the next decade, not just the next job.**

I’m a former TV writer-producer for Top 10 Network shows. I’ve helped leaders at Google, Nike, Apple, Wells Fargo and more. Professional storytelling & leadership coaching is what I do, what I’m great at, what I live for.

I’ve been the beneficiary of many kind offers from this community and I want to pay it forward.

For the first time ever, I’m opening my calendar to a group Career Growth Q&A Call on

Tuesday June 7th and Wednesday June 8th, 9am PT/12pm ET/5pm GMT+1.

Submit a question about getting clarity and confidence in your long term leadership path.

Deadline: Monday June 6th by 12pm PT.

That can include:

  • How to get clarity on your next move
  • How to make sure your value lands
  • What will boost your chances at promotion or the next role
  • What you need to market your leadership
  • How your story can better connect with senior leaders
  • Anything else related to reaching your highest leasdership potential

I’ll answer each question you submit about your unique situation, do some hot seat coaching; get clarity on where you’re stuck and what to do next. Can’t make the call? Submit your question anyway and we’ll send you a replay with your questions answered.

I would love to help you get unstuck - submit your question and register here.