I would love feedback on my portfolio please!https://www.karenlo.co/

Hello Elphas! I would love feedback on my portfolio! Thank you in advance! :)
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Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading through your ideation process :)!I have a feedback on the design of the portfolio itself, I find sections like these a little difficult to read given the variances in font weights.Also, a small nit, but I couldn't quite tell if your website favicon is squished?
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Thanks for the feedback! :)hmm I actually never really took a closer look at my favicon, and now that I look more at it, it seems somewhat squished. Thanks for pointing it out!
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Lovely! Here is some feedback that I would offer:1/ For your wonderful photo, try making it smaller and non-centered.2/ For your CV, consider posting it in .pdf instead of Word3/ This page is excellent! https://www.karenlo.co/water-quality-monitoring On the top of it, however, insert anchors, so people know there is much, much more info than at first load(same with other, wonderful pages!)4/ On Home, create a story that unites all four case studies. Link to them from home. Unite the case studies around empathy in a compelling statement. You are so close! This is really beautiful! Hopefully this is helpful. And bravo! :)
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Thanks for the feedback! :)