🔥Your experience needed! Share your personal hacks & effective practices for first-time managers👇

Hey everyone!

Our team is working on an article to help first-time managers to tackle professional & personal challenges such as time management, stress issues, work-life balance, delegation, and others.

Share some hacks or effective methods how you deal with these challenges as a manager 👇👇

1)Time management (planners you use or special techniques you practice)

2)Dealing with stress (special practices that help)

3)Work-life balance (how do you organize your work and free time in order to avoid burnout and keep the balance? Any advice?)

The cool ones will be issued in our article (if you don’t mind, of course).

Your experience means the world to us and our readers 💛

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Hello! We had this thread a few weeks ago here! Hopefully you can be inspired too :)https://elpha.com/posts/gubjesb2/what-advice-would-you-give-someone-who-is-managing-for-the-first-time