Bulletproof Guide To Unleash Your SMB Growth On TikTok 2022

Hi Elphas,

A couple of weeks ago, I did research about the struggles that founders have to grow their business TikTok account. I posted a survey on entrepreneur private groups...The answers helped me write this article, I want to share the knowledge as my way to give back and the supporting community.I hope that you enjoy reading it, I put a lot of personal knowledge into it. It's a 7-minute read, so buckle up! I hope it brings Growth to your wonderful business, I know what it feels to want to do all at once, so I hope this makes it easier for you to succeed at TikTok.Feel free to share it if you find it useful!To all the amazing founders that answered:I can't thank you enough for your participation, I was delighted to read your answers. Helping the community makes a difference, so THANK YOU!All the best!Kathia