Recommendation for startup lawyer

Hi Elphas, I'm looking for recommendations for a startup lawyer. We did all of our incorporation documents through Stripe Altas last year just to get things started. Now, we're taking a new cofounder, so we want to get that paperwork going and set our cliffs. We've done google research, but I've always believed that advice from other fellow entrepreneurs is the best source of wisdom. Thanks!!
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Hi! I’ve been working with Robert Mazzola at Waterstone Edge for incorporation and other agreements. He specializes in startups and has fixed pricing for most things. I’ve found him very helpful and responsive. He’s also a patent lawyer, should the need arise.Waterstone Edge
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We've been working with the team at Jayaram Law. They are AMAZING. I'd be happy to discuss our experiences and/or facilitate an intro.
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We did all of the post-incorporation docs via Clerky. We also just hired Gunderson and they have a deferred payment so you pay after you raise your first round of funding.
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Not sure if you are still looking but I'm working with Fenwick and happy to make an intro.