I am looking for beta testers for an upcoming 4 week Focus & Flow program for Female Changemakers (Worth $497). To experience the program for free, participants would leave feedback and testimonials.

Would this interest you?

If yes then feel free to complete the program application here. The deadline closes this week.

More about the program can be found below:


Feel inspired, focused and in flow in 4 weeks


This is a 4 week course to improve your focus, find your flow and maximize your impact.

You'll learn the hormonal differences between men & women and how this affects how we work and live, the benefits of a female-optimized working approach & how you can utilize your Cyclical Wisdom & Seasonality to your advantage to maximize your impact in the world.

🌊 FOCUS: Learn about the five moving forces and how to plan your month to optimize your work and life

🌊 FLOW: Reduce tiredness, stress and guilt and harness latent creative insight by learning to flow with your moods & energy rather than seeking to ‘fix’ them

🌊 ACCOUNTABILITY: Experience the power of community, be held, receive support & be held accountable to leave lasting impact in the world


This course is ideal for purpose-driven female changemakers between ages of 21-40 who have not yet undergone menopause, who dream of changing the world but feel alone and struggle to manage their time, energy and mood. This is equally applicable if you have just started out or if you are established in your field.


This course runs from February 21st to March 20th 2022 (4 weeks)

It is online, self-paced, with the opportunity for live guidance/connection

Commitment is 1-2 hrs per week of lectures/materials to read/view

Further details will be confirmed closer to the date.

The tenets underlying this course can be found in this post previously published on Elpha

If you have any questions feel free to comment below, dm or email me

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I LOVE this idea! 👏👏👏 YES to tuning into our cycles, and working with them instead of fighting them.