A scared and excited female founder in LATAM

Yesterday, I assumed my role as CEO of CHIMALI, a Latin American AI-powered cybersecurity app for kids. Despite reading about the challenges on this platform, I've come to fully understand them now that I'm experiencing them firsthand. I'm grateful to embark on this journey with the support of the elpha community. If you have any advice, funding insights, well wishes, or word of encouragement, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Hi Victoria, Firstly, congratulations!!! It's a wild world out there, but you've got this.I work a lot with founders helping them navigate the world of marketing their business - and staying on track to plans, so if this is at all helpful, let me know! Thanks, (Another) Victoria :)
Congratulations, Victoria!!! It always inspires me to read about a new female CEO :)I work with founders and help them navigate times of uncertainty with Business Design, so happy to have a call if you want to chat!
Hi @VictoriaAlcocer, I´m a ex-founder and I understand you pretty well, If you need any help understanding how to start with growth and unit economics which is very useful to fundraise, let me know! Happy to help and get to know Chimali :)
Hi, Lou!! Would love to talk to you and just chat about your experience! I’m happy to connect