Looking for a new opportunity! :)https://www.linkedin.com/in/nadiavillalobos/

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Hi Nadia! I love the way you put yourself out there! Although I don't know of any opportunities in your industry, would you be able to update your thread with specific companies that you're interested in working at? There may be womxn on here that know someone that knows someone that knows someone that happens to work at a place you're interested in :) I know job hunting can be so exhausting. Good luck in your search!
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Hi @HannahBaldovino! :)Thanks for replying to my post!I would like to work at a company focused on mHealth or eHealth products as a Product Designer or a UX Researcher. As a designer, I love creating objects but I think that these types of products can make a huge impact on people's lives and their wellbeing.
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What a great focus! I think there's so much need for this but the competition is fierce. My biggest piece of advice is to NETWORK. Don't be shy to reach out to strangers directly and start a conversation! I wouldn't necessarily pose it in a way of you are seeking a job. Just start conversations with those in the field and learn more about what they are doing and what their company is like. People are usually really receptive to give insight on those things. It's a grind but putting yourself out there is the way to go. I hope this helps!!