Hiring for a Sales Director and Product Manager at EasyLlama 🦙✨

Hi, friends! My company, EasyLlama, is looking for a Sales Director and a Product Manager.

We're a thriving HR training and compliance startup that's achieved remarkable success in just three years. With over 7,000 satisfied customers and a sparkling 5/5 rating on G2, we're becoming a true industry leader. Even better, we're profitable and scaling up fast while keeping our customers happy.

As our Sales Director, you'll:

  • Lead and grow our sales team to exceed targets
  • Craft innovative sales strategies and partnerships
  • Play a vital role in our growth journey
  • $300k-$320k OTE

As our founding Product Manager, you'll:

  • Shape our product roadmap and drive innovation.
  • Collaborate with a dynamic team to deliver exceptional user experiences.
  • Be a key player in our ambitious growth plans
  • $150,000-$170,000 total compensation

If this sounds up your alley, give me a shout!

Thanks, y'all!

Hi @poojamurphy! I’d love to be considered for the sales role. Let me know if you have a moment to chat or if you’d prefer I send you my resume directly via email. Thanks and happy Friday!Soumya
This seems AMAZING! I am woefully unqualified but I did send it to some of my favourite sales people! Besides, I am pretty sure lots of Elphas could fit the bill. Here's a few on the sale side: @kieragardiner, @karakiser who has the managerial experience, and then @megansopa, @cspain, @robynefeehley @alicefaggi, @rachelremillard @tanyazotava I am not sure if you're looking but tagging you all regardless!and on the product side: @soniasun @jahnavikurapati @laurenmeeker @kendrawerner @alicialu @eevafoo (maybe once you come to NYC this could be something to consider) @XBonnieli @JulieCampos @chichiwu
Hello Lynna, Thank you for mentioning me here! Of course, this could be moot as it looks as though you tagged me several weeks ago! I apologize as I am just now seeing your tag. Hello @poojamurphy, I am very interested! If the role has not been fillled, please feel free to reach out! Best, Robyne
Hi @poojamurphy, thanks for sharing! I'd love to chat more about the Product Manager role. I have over 6+ years of product leadership experience managing software development from 0 to 1 within fast paced high-growth start-ups. Happy to send my resume over via email as well. Thanks!
Hi Shirley, Amazing! I would love to chat. Would you mind sending your resume to me, [email protected]? I can schedule time for us to connect this week or next. Lots of gratitude, Pooja
Awesome, just sent it over from my gmail! Looking forward to chatting to learn more about the role and the company. :)
Hi @poojamurphy, because of this post I've come across the CSM role which I've just applied for. Thank you!
Hi Sonali! Thank you so much for your interest in our CSM role! We just had a candidate accept an offer for the role over the weekend. However, we will be expanding our Customer Experience team in 2024, so I would love to stay in touch for other roles that may be a fit for you ✨Lots of gratitude, Pooja
Hello @poojamurphy, I hope this finds you well! I am excited to have applied for the mid-market account executive role! If you would like to have a chat, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you! Best, Robyne