Open call for proposals for technical course content creation

Moonrise Labs is starting an open call for proposals for new course material! We're looking for people who are strong technical writers and who want to teach topics that leverage cloud computing services. One of our aims at Moonrise is to get learners into high-paying cloud computing jobs as quickly as possible, and we are looking for course material that aligns with that mission.Check out this posting for more details and the proposal form!

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Good morning, May I have more details? Are you looking for courses that teach foundational knowledge or project build outs? If so, about how long are you aiming for the courses to be?
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Hi Erica, I'm not totally sure I understand your question - if my response below doesn't answer it, could you try rephrasing it? Essentially, courses will be on technical topics related to cloud computing that help learners build tangible and marketable skills right away. They'll include a substantial written portion, as well as several small, self-contained coding demos that go along with the written content. As far as length, when you submit the proposal form you should get a link to the current version of the web app. If you go to the "Python Fundamentals" course, that should give you an idea of what a small course looks like...however, ultimately the length would be agreed upon when discussing the outline for the course after the proposal is accepted.