I'd love to interview you on my podcast, Art of the App

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@michellecherian Hi. Would love to. I am founder of ImSafeNow, a social impact business. Check out www.imsafenow.com
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Thanks Lata, I'll message you!
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Hi Michelle - I'm an investor with a fund entirely focused on women-led tech companies. I'd recommend ALL the women entrepreneurs I work with ... but happy to narrow it down as well. My email is jessica@copperwire.ventures if you have time to hear about some of them directly. (Can also look at my portfolio and pick some to hear more about here: https://copperwire.ventures/portfolio)
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Hi Jessica, Thanks I'll reach out and check out the portfolio as well!
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@quinneyeQ get it girl!
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Heyo, thanks for the shoutout!!!
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thanks @cynthiachan! @quinneyeQ I'll message you.
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I am happy to share what has been working with telling compelling product stories.
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Hey @michellecherian, I'm an investor in consumer digital products with both Overton VC and The Fund (some of our companies include The Inside, Wethos, Huckleberry Care, and Buffalo Market). Would be happy to chat!
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Hi Lauren, thanks, I'll message you!
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@michellecherian i'm interested! my app, toucan just launched in the mental wellness & social support space.
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Hi Jane, sounds interesting! I'll message you.
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Looking forward to connecting @michellecherian!
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Hello Michelle! I'm also interested but perhaps for May/June. We will be launching our Beta in April we're an Edtech for young children so our social mission is built into every fiber of our company. Obabu.io.
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Hi Allie, sounds good. Let's stay in touch!
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Hey @michellecherian, I would love to be part of your podcast. I'm co-founder and CEO of ibupunyamimpi.org a platform that helping Mothers in Indonesia be entrepreneurs by providing online business literacy, community support, and micro-investment. Check out our website: www.ibupunyamimpi.org
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@michellecherian is your app on Apple podcasts? I want to listen!
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Hi @ThereseLCanares! Thanks, It's not out yet. Launching March 29th. I'll update this thread.
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I'd love to be on the podcast. I created the App Embie (http://embieapp.com) to help women going through fertility treatments to conceive. It's the only app in the market that helps track your diagnosis and entire protocol and its results. I developed it during my own journey which included a move abroad and 6 IVF cycles to conceive my now 4.5 month old. The app was released 10 days before he was born. Embie’s mission is to harness the data that helps women advocate for their treatment today, while helping millions of others realise their dream of having a family tomorrow. Our goal is to help women get pregnant faster; having to endure less treatment cycles, pregnancy losses and financial debt.
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Hi Ravid, sounds great. Will message you!
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Hi Everyone, Art of the App is now live! You can listen here: https://artoftheapp.buzzsprout.com/1702978
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Hi @michellecherian ! We would love to be part of this. I'm from SwoonMe, a voice-first dating app meant to eliminate surface-level, superficial dating through voice recordings and avatars. Our founder, Tanvi Gupta, believes that women (and men!) should not be judged based on looks. We'd love to connect and be part of your podcast.Our website is www.swoonmedating.com 💜
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Hi Allie I'll send you a DM.