How do I know when I should change jobs?

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Hi Anon!Believe it or not what you are going through is actually very very very common including in fields that are so skills-specific/technical, so take a deep breath and don't feel weird about it. Now that does not mean it is not scary, it probably is and I can empathise with you here, however it is definitely achievable!A couple of questions:1) How do you feel mentally at the end of your days (MOST days - say in the last month how did you feel on a scale of 1-10) 2) You said the coding is not something you are excited about however you love your team: so let me ask you, what is it you don't like about coding and if you could change something what would that be? e.g would you like to spend more time on the phone with customers? Or is it getting to know the product more? Are there people on the larger team you'd want to spend more time with? If so why? And by the larger team, I mean everybody beyond3) Thinking at a macro level (forget your day to day coding, your immediate team, etc) : do you like the company? Do you like the industry? Do you feel like you might just be in the wrong role? Lastly, I introduced the audit concept in this thread and I think you may also benefit from it:, there are three audits you should be thinking about:- Mental: Are you miserable at work? If so figure out what's making you so miserable? - Introspective: What is it that matters to you and what brings butterflies in your belly aka makes you happy?- Financial: if you were to leave, are you okay with forgoing a certain level of comfort? If you are then great, if you are not then what is it you need to do to sustain that?Lots to think about BUT it's such an exciting time because think about it, this is what growth looks like and growth is nothing but good!My dream was to be at the UN, I ended up spending one year and it was not the right fit for me, so it was a very introspective period for me and eventually realise that I have one life purpose and I can find a different path to get there and (spoiler) I did find that path :) SO CAN YOU!
Wow, thank you so much! I'll definitely take the time to think about this. I really appreciate your thoughtful response.
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Of course - remember this is normal and it is a very very GOOD sign of growth! Feel free to follow up if you have other questions!
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This reminded me of an article I read: think @iynna has a great reply, doing actual coding grunt work isn't for everyone, but there may be another fit for you adjacent to coding that your skills and education are still needed for. It is also your first job so it could be worth exploring a different dynamic, company or industry to see if that helps!
Thank you so much for your response! I don't know why, but I felt like it might be my current work situation so I'll definitely reflect on the questions iynna said.