“ Energy, not time, is the fundamental currency of high performance.” When you’re in the race, somehow, time holds little weight. Time, in and of itself, does not alter our state of being - it does not fuel our energy or deplete it.It’s not a matter of - How will I manage my time to make it to the finish line?But it all becomes about ‘How will I manage my energy to make it to the finish line?’ A question now more relevant than ever, in running our Marathon of Life. Energy isn’t something that’s continuous, energy is a resource that needs to be renewed. Unlike the continuity of time, energy is a resource that depletes and withers with the day. And what we do with our energy does matter. How are you managing your energy to make it to the finish line?(Link to the full post + a little energy management exercise)
I LOVE this. I think it is so important to talk about energy. It's something i struggle with ALL the time. My husband is constantly on the go and rarely needs down time but I don't operate that way. I have to turn off my brain frequently and if I don't it spews out very negatively in other areas. I love the distinction of really understanding it's energy vs time. Awesome!
Thanks Hannah! So happy it aligned with what you have been experiencing. You can use the little exercise weekly to maintain a healthy balance between your energy sources. Rooting for you!