Create a meaningful, personal, intro pitch šŸ˜ŗ šŸ˜‰

When you first meet someone, over Zoom, you want to create a strong connection with them and show them that you are interested in them, the role and the company. The first way to do so is through the way you introduce yourself.

Your pitch forms the foundation of your professional persona. A typical pitch includes an introduction of your name, place of residence, what roles you’ve held in the past, present, and why you continue to choose this profession or why you are switching into a new role. Then you can mention why this role is interesting for you and hand the talking back to the interviewer. You can even ask for them to introduce themselves as well if they haven’t yet.

If a pitch is generic, without your personality, it’s hard for others to create a connection and relate with you. The pitch is a tool for connection, and connection happens through vulnerability and honesty.

While you are not laying out your life story, you can infuse small personal details into your narrative that help explain why you made certain professional decisions. Choose those details wisely, as they are something that can create an emotional connection in the interview.

Infusing personality into a pitch can mean using a bit of humor, mentioning major life events/decisions, or something about your personality that connects back to your professional choices.

It's NOT about going into details about the past 3 years of your life, but more about how your current skills and interests work well with the job requirements, what led you to where you are now, and what lights you up.

How do you feel about your intros during interviews?