What are some little wins you've had this past week?

I've had to realize my 80% or 100% may look a lot different from others, and that's okay! Also, I've realized I need to reflect more on my simple wins instead of feeling like I failed the day majority of the time when I didn't, although my 100% self wasn't given, at least 50% or 80% me showed up!

Every Monday or Friday I try to sit and reflect on my goals, what I'm working towards (personally and career-wise, and what I need to improve on.

We need to start being okay with "Doing Your Best Looks Different Every day"!

You showing up is going to look different every day, so take a moment to reflect on the little things.

My little wins this past week are:

  • I took the time to do some self-care
  • Took the time to acknowledge my feelings
  • I took an extra day of workout time
  • I ate a large pizza and a big burrito without feeling guilty about taking 3 - a half days to eat some comfort food. (I can't ever finish some food in one day lol)

I got the answer to the daily, company-wide trivia right for the first time since I started working here in March 2021. #smallwins
Our little wins contribute to our big wins, let's keep celebrating our little wins! I appreciate seeing everyone's #littlewins.