Transitioning into Tech

Hello everyone!

My name is Dez'rae and I am currently a teacher who desires to transition into the tech field. My specific interest are ui/ux design as well as EdTech. I am seeking any advice from women in tech and how they transitioned into tech roles. I am focused on learning how to code through SheCodes workshops, however I am curious as to what tech companies are looking for when recruting employees. Bootcamps, certificates, degrees? I know everyone's journey is different but some clarity on certain things would be helpful. Thank you in advance!

Welcome Dez'rae, it's great to meet you! You should meet @KylaFeldman who did just that and she used to be in graphic design and digital marketing. My understanding is that tech companies are looking for experience, so a lot of smaller companies / tech startups might be willing to hire someone who has done a bootcamp/certificate or actually gone back to school to get the training (if it's something you'd be open to). Unfortunately, from experience, big tech will want someone who has this training already. I might be wrong though!
Thanks so much @iynna! @dezraespencer - excited to connect with you!
This definitely helps!! Thank you!! @iynna
Of course! let us know how else we can support you!
Hi Dez'rae, nice to meet you! If you'd like, i can definitely refer you to a company to see about you getting some more training in the UI/UX field. It would benefit you greatly to get some hands-on experience to transition. You'll get to see your faults and strengths and be able to work with a team that you could also get great help from. It's a DEI focused company. You'll be surprised how much you learn and get done with in just like 3-6 months.
I’d love to know the company so I can do more research about it to see if it’s the route I want to take.
Of course! Here's the website: and if you'd like to get more information from the leading team here's an email, you can refer to ([email protected]) or best reach them on LinkedIn (Ninh Tran).Also, if you'd just like to support the company and get first access on product hunt, here's the link: of luck in your journey into tech! You can reach out to me with any further questions you may have that I could possibly help you with.
Hi @dezraespencer, I think the key to pivoting is a) updating all your personal branding materials to be in line with keywords for your new direction (resume, professional summary, linkedin profile, cover letter, video pitch, website/portfolio) b) pursuing reputable upskilling opportunities (use networking to understand which ones are worthwhile) and highlight these on your branding materials c) having a clear understanding of your target role/path so you understand the nuances of how people actually break in, in reality d) having a deep understanding of your target roles so you can easily speak to your fit during interviews e) working with a coach, mentor, or peer to see any gaps and areas for opportunity.BTW, I’m Rachel, a Career Coach - My profile has a lot of info about me where you can get in touch and also book a free initial call with me if you’d like more support. On my profile you can find a website link which includes a 7-step guide to making a career pivot which will have some helpful tips for you!
Thank you this helped and I’ve actually been working on some of these steps you suggested!
Hey Dez'rae, as other mentioned a bootcamp is the best way to transition into a tech job if you want to do a more technical role such as UX/UI or Front-end/Back-end development work. The other option is to find bootcamps for other kinds of entry roles such as Customer Support. Do you have an idea for what kind of work you want to transition into?I do offer an job support call that can support your thinking about this transition. LMK if you'd like to connect on a quick call.
I’d like to be involved in app development of Ui/Ux. Just looking for the right boot camp for me. I’d definitely love to connect!
Omg my colleague went from teaching to tech. Let’s connect!
Hi Dez’rae! I am a UI/UX Designer in Edtech who transitioned from graphic design. There area lot of former educators in the Edtech space in various roles, and education expertise is a valuable differentiator!I’d be happy to refer you to UX and product design boot camps, and share my transition experience. If you’re interested in design I would go with that over a coding boot camp. DM me if you want to chat more!