Non techy project manager willing to do MS Open AI Generative AI course but scared

Hello Elpha Ladies,

I'm contemplating the value of enrolling in a Microsoft Open AI Gen AI course as a non-technical project manager. I must admit, I'm feeling apprehensive about diving into potentially demanding work and uncertain about how AI fits into my role.

Could you please provide some guidance? I'm not particularly tech-savvy, and while I'm sincere in my job, I'm mainly here for financial stability.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

It's a course, it'll teach you! The fact that you re willing to learn, even without the pre-existing knowledge, is very admirable. They should definitely have some study group available.
Thank you so much @MorganLucas
Compeletely agree with Morgan here!I have never done this programme so I cannot directly speak to it, but the fact that you're doing something out of your comfort zone is fantastic and way to grow! Even if it ends up not being useful in the immediate term, you'd have built a new muscle and set of skills (overcoming your worries there etc)A comment on being "uncertain about how AI fits into my role" - the thing with AI is as a technology it evolves rapidly so the uncertainty is very valid and sometimes you wont have the answer until you dive right in! :)
Thank you very much. Yes, I will dive in. Learning will never go to waste.
Exactly! Dw you’ll be alright :)