Looking for a software engineer to grow our teamHttp://

My co-founder and I are looking for a developer to add to our team if 4 (us plus a senior software developer and a product manager). We are a pre-seed funded startup revolutionizing the way people plan and design events.

Please reach out if you are interested ([email protected]) —

All experience levels welcome to reach out, but in particular we are looking for those familiar with:

- unit testing, integration testing, regression testing

- CI/CD ( continuous integration / continuous delivery (or deployment) -- basically, someone familiar with a true production pipeline, taking things from soup to nuts in terms of workflow and carefully, responsibly managing versioning

- someone who is more experienced with databases

- desperately in need of someone who has a grip on Stripe integration

Our current stack includes: -- Structured content; CMS analogue

Cloudinary -- Transformable image host and content delivery network

Supabase -- Remote PostgreSQL database serving as a proxy for Cloudinary's image metadata as well as authentication and other user-specific information

Next.js -- React framework for server-side, client-side and API route application creation in JavaScript

Hope to hear from the amazing elpha community!

That's so exciting, Emily! Here are a few folks in the community who *might* be a fit or if not might know of people looking @elanastroud @akanshatayal @amakaobi (if you're looking), @zarinanugmanova @truptilokhande (a recent grad actually!) @lovejoy @jabeen
Hi @emilymdeayora I sent a mail