[Covid19 and fundraising] Should we wait to fundraise or release our product?

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Not being in the office doesn’t mean people won’t work from home! That’s a dangerous assumption. My suggestion is to try to fundraise, look at extending current runway and thinking through the sales cycle if it prolongs to q3. Why not soft launch the product now, get the data points and fully launch in a few months?The fed already cut rates very very low, if markets don’t respond positively tomorrow, safe to say is we’re recession-bound. Keep the raise and relationships going, schedule those online investor calls.
thanks, Ana-Maria! This is great. I should have made my original post more clear though. Our software user are currently actually out of work available to do, not merely physically out of office like most other white collar workers. Most of them are not currently collecting payments from their own customers, not getting new customers, and are having to refund existing customers right now because they deliver an partially in-person service to their customers and the in-person component cannot be moved offline. As soon as people resume their normal social activities, their activity levels should bounce back. Although we could theoretically sign users up, they wouldn't be active on the app until after their clients start needing the services again (post social distancing). Although we're eager to raise funding before a recession makes it harder to raise, we are also conscious that if we onboard users right now, those early test-phase data points are going to unnecessarily abysmal due to the temporary lack of activity in the industry we are targeting right now. Does this change your advice? Is it worse to pitch now with bad data and low activity levels, or postpone pitching until our activity levels will be a better representation of what we might expect?