What type of role should I be looking for?https://www.linkedin.com/in/heather-claxton-douglas-2973614/

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First of, what is it you like to do? e.g IB vs management consulting (if that's what you were thinking of) are two very different career paths with different skillset so I'd want to understand a bit more. Would you be interested in joining a startup in the biotech space for instance? I saw on your LinkedIn that you were a member at Pipeline Angels so I am sure you get great deal flow all the time. That would feels like a nice / natural place for you to develop all your wide range of skills and giving you some sort of flexibility you'd not have in the corporate.Otherwise, would you teach? Not necessarily being in research / academia? Or you could be your own boss advising on some of the areas you are an expert in (clients would be folks in the biotech, life science space which seems like a natural place for you to start