🥪 Friday Hiring Roundtable: talk hiring struggles & solutions with other hiring leaders over lunchtime 👉🏽https://bit.ly/hiringstrategyworkshops

Hiring Elphas! Whether you're a Founder growing your startup team or a Hiring Manager join us at one of our upcoming Friday lunchtime strategy sessions. They're about 30 minutes, tactical, supportive, and actually kind of fun.

We talk about whatever comes up! Recently we've covered issues and strategies around:

  • salary objections (why, what, and strategies to make everyone happy)
  • job board application overwhelm (what to do when you're getting too many of the wrong fit)
  • skill match frustrations
  • candidate ghosting
  • and even hiring strategies for specific tough-to-hire roles

🥪 Bring your frustrations, bring a snack, and bring your Friday mood because it will almost be the weekend. Ending the week with a smart but fun lunchtime roundtable makes us feel like we're doing things right. Join us!

See you there? https://bit.ly/hiringstrategyworkshops