How do you deal with a negative manager?

Hi Elphas!

I've been working with my manager for about a year now and I've started to realize how much my boss's negative energy is impacting my mental health. Some weeks I truly feel so emotionally drained and I constantly feel the need to prepare myself every time they call.

Has anyone got advice to deal with this?

To name some examples... she will call me multiple times a day to vent, will ask many rhetorical questions (why did that project get xx dollars? what the hell?) and express how unhappy she is with x person (why couldn't x do it? why did they give this to me?). On top of this she talks over me (and others) and is very micromanaging and concerned about optics.

I feel this is alot more than just dealing with a 'difficult' stakeholder. Needless to say I am already looking to leave, I am a top performer in the team but am feeling incredibly unmotivated. I'm seeking advice on how to handle the stress of dealing with her in order to help me focus and stay energized for the job search (shameless plug for anyone looking to hire someone in the project management/ bizops/ productops space 🙈)

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!