Want an epic romantic relationship?

Hello everyone!

Fact: The quality of our relationships is a direct predictor of how much we love our lives (and relationships and career go hand and hand)! Our romantic relationships need the most nurturing. We can treat a romantic relationship as a path to deeper self understanding, self-actualization and collaboration. 

Next fact: A lot of us are not taught how to have productive, safe and nurturing relationships.What if the work you do in relationship informed your career or business growth? What would that look like?

Having a personal stake in finding a safe thriving partner that has our back allows us the space to explore the world and what we find fulfilling.

When we don’t figure this part of our lives out, we have more stress, we die sooner, and we feel even more alone.

Because we can accomplish and self-actualize more together than we can alone. And life takes on more color and meaning when we understand how to deeply connect with a life partner year after year.

Our romantic relationship can be the greatest life adventure we will ever experience.

I’m looking for two more confident, powerful and successful people interested in transforming their relationships over a 6 month coaching engagement. These people have already achieved a great deal in their lives. And despite the success in their lives, they are also ready for more deeply satisfying and connected relationships. If you or someone you know is this person, schedule a Discovery Call with me! So much love.

Bummer! I would have totally done this except... I am single :)
Hi @iyanna! I help single women also! Let me know if you want to chat soon!
Oh well that's wonderful news! let's do it :-D booked us a time ;-)