It's been 2 years since I founded my startup, but I FINALLY got my first chance to go up on a stage in front of investors give a pitch (5 minutes long)

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YES! Congrats, Stephanie! You totally nailed the pitch. I really enjoyed watching it and observing how at ease you seem with the audience. You're really funny too. I can't wait to see Cardstalk near me.
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Thanks for watching it Diane :) We hope to get there soon!
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Many Congratulations Stephanie, really happy for you. The whole idea of giving an opportunity to local artists, help them grow, and increase their visibility is a nice thought. Watched the pitch video too, as @DianePrince said, you're so much at ease. It sure would have been nerve wracking. Best wishes to Team Cardstalk ✨🎉🎊
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Stephanie. You nailed your pitch. Your professional backgrounds position you perfectly for what you are creating. Your focus on elevating the local community using technology is spot on. The cards are adorable. The concept is simple and powerful. Well done!! I would love to connect offline to see if I can help pave a path for your raise. Email me at after Thanksgiving. I have some investor introductions I think might be of service.Cheers,Lisa
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I would appreciate that so much! I will send that email your way (after both of us have finished stuffing our faces for Thanksgiving and recovering from that of course!). All the best, Steph
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Congrats Stephanie! I watched your pitch and started following your company on LI. Great job and great idea! I wish you and your husband the best, and feel your pain and excitement of wanting to "get there!" I hope to be able to support you from TX!