8 Companies With Inspiring Missions (and They’re Hiring!)

A list of mission-driven companies that are making an impact in their communities and the world.

Want to feel like you’re making a positive social impact at your job?

Us too. Here at Elpha , we’re always on the lookout for mission-driven companies that marry innovative tech with doing good. 

That’s why we’ve curated this list. From fintech to edtech to healthcare and beyond, these eight startups are making a difference in their communities and the world.

Oh, and they’re hiring!

Here’s more on the problems they’re solving, the impact they’re creating, and the mission-driven culture they're building.

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Nearside believes that starting a business should be easier. Their mission is to provide accessible, transparent, 
and fair financial products to help people start and grow their businesses. From business checking to lending, Nearside empowers entrepreneurs to succeed by offering intuitive experiences, transparent pricing, and unique features that save them time and money.

Nearside Business Checking is modern banking designed for small businesses, with automatic cashback rewards, and no NSF fees or minimum balance requirements.

A core value at Nearside is that the work is more important than the effort. They believe it matters less how much time you spend at work, but rather whether your work time translates to a product and a financial service that small business owners find useful.

Nearside provides visa support, relocation assistance, flexible hours, remote-friendly work options, full benefits, and more. Read more about Nearside and check out their open roles.


adyn's mission statement is to be earth's most inclusive and patient-centric personalized medicine company. Their first product is designed to help individuals identify the best birth control for their unique biology. 

Founded by scientist Elizabeth Ruzzo , adyn has a scientific approach that incorporates two biological readouts: genetics (read one time) and hormone levels (read multiple times throughout your life). This way, they eliminate the painful process of trial and error birth control users have endured to date.

adyn’s work closes gaps created by decades of unequal access to medical research and healthcare. Their people practices (including hiring, compensation, and celebration) are similarly designed to close gaps in equity due to historical biases.

The team is remote and has unlimited vacation with flexible hours. Read more about adyn's purpose, company culture, and see the roles they’re hiring for.


Kiva is a microfinance company that provides loans that change lives. Through Kiva, anyone anywhere is able to cycle their money to create personal impact around the world. 

Kiva lets people choose a borrower, make a loan, get repaid, and re-lend capital in a virtuous cycle. Kiva’s community has funded over $1.6 billion in loans with a 96% repayment rate and impact spanning 77 countries and 1.9 million lenders. If you're interested in a mission-driven organization, Kiva is a great company to consider.


Pace believes that mental fitness is as important as physical fitness. As a mental fitness and social wellness platform, their mission is to help you unlock emotional connection with yourself and others.

Pace works with experienced mental health professionals to reinvent group connection and support. On the platform, people connect in hand-picked small groups - making mental health more accessible, affordable, and impactful. 

The founding team at Pace are mission-driven leaders who previously built companies like Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google. They’re remote-friendly and offer unlimited vacation. They’re currently hiring for a software engineer.


Newsela is democratizing access to classroom learning. Their platform takes new content from trusted providers and turns it into vetted learning materials that meet state standards. As a mission-driven company, they want to see meaningful classroom learning for every student.

Through Newsela, teachers and students can easily and seamlessly find engaging articles to enhance and enrich student learning, discussion, and growth. A few of the content partners they work with include the History Channel, The New York Times, PBS, USA Today, and The Washington Post. 

Nova Credit

The lack of a domestic credit history keeps millions of immigrants in North America from realizing their dreams. Nova Credit is addressing this problem.

The startup helps newcomers apply for financial services using their international credit history, by translating international credit into a US equivalent score and report format. This helps empower immigrants to thrive financially and holistically in the US. 

As a purpose-driven company, every All Hands meeting at Nova Credit begins with reviewing the mission and ends with a story of customer impact. The team routinely shares and discusses current events at work, knowing how deeply these events can affect their diverse employee community as well as the customer communities they serve.

Nova Credit employees are offered visa support, unlimited vacation, flexible hours, and remote-friendly work options. Read more about their mission statement and check out their open roles.


Fluxx is on a mission to build connected philanthropy. Through their grant management software, funders can access an all-in-one system to forecast, award, and track the outcomes of grants.

The Fluxx network brings efficiency and data-driven insights to the grantmaking process, maximizing social impact for foundations and nonprofits all over the world. As a purpose-driven business, they work with over 275 foundations and 25K nonprofit organizations, including the Ford Foundation, Knight Foundation, and MacArthur Foundation.


HealthSherpa is a healthcare startup helping people find, enroll in, and use ACA health coverage. The ACA (Affordable Care Act) brings high-quality, comprehensive, and affordable health coverage within reach for low-income Americans. And HealthSherpa's strong mission is to make that promise a reality. 

They’ve grown to be the largest ACA enrollment platform after healthcare.gov, having helped over five million people enroll in health coverage. 

Working at HealthSherpa, you’ll positively impact hundreds of thousands of people, helping them to navigate the complex and confusing health insurance industry and to access health care when they need it.

HealthSherpa is also remote-friendly and offers flexible hours, relocation assistance, and parental leave. Read more about their mission-driven culture and check out their openings.

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